Camí de la Colònia-Creueta

START: Sanctuary "Ermita del Pare Pere".

LENGTH: 5 km (only one-way). Linear Route

DURATION: 3 hr. 10 min.

ACCESSIBILITY: We ascend on the road: Camí de la Colònia and when we reach the fork, we turn right until the end of the road: Camí de la Colònia (Racó del Bou). Here, there is a path on the left which has a mild and steady ascent up to the flat area of Montgó. In the final section of the ascent, the path becomes a little steeper and the slope increases. 

When we arrive at the Montgó plain, the path extends between eroded rock formations with sharp boulders (karstic limestone). Consequently, we must pay attention to the path to prevent stumbling or falls. The vegetation in this high altitude area is quite homogeneous: low scrubland with predominant presence of rock rose, Kermes oak and fan palms, which grow among the eroded rocks.

After a hike of 1,200 m on the plain, on the left we can see a zone marked with stones which signal the bypass to the Cross: "Creueta de Dénia". We walk another 100 m along a steep zone, where we can lose sight of the trail, although there is a better marked zone for the hikers pass. After we reach the top of a small hill, we can see the Cross which is the finish point of our route. We are at a height of 694 m.

The present day Cross of Dénia was installed in 1999, with assistance from a helicopter which transported it here from Dénia. It is a symbol which identifies the view of Montgó from Dénia, an element which the trained eye can spot on the mountain. It has become a traditional location for visits by hikers. The existence of wood crosses have been documented in this spot since 1684, with their successive replacements after falls or breakage due to harsh weather.

PRECAUTION. It is a route with a steep level difference. It is solely recommended for persons who are accustomed to hike on mountain trails. Hikers must strictly observe the recommendations to prevent risks in the mountains