Camí de la Colònia  - Cova del Gamell

START. Sanctuary "Ermita del Pare Pere".

LENGTH: 5.5 km (only one-way). Linear route


DURATION: On foot: 1 hr. 50 min. Bicycle: 35 min.


ACCESSIBILITY: Mountain route on the old farm road of Montgó, which extends on the North mountainside in a horizontal layout with moderate difficulty. From the city centre of Dénia (Pl. Jaume I), we access by the road: Camí Pou de la Muntanya up to the Sanctuary: Ermita Pare Pere. 100 m above, the dirt path starts, where we can find an information panel next to a chain which hinders the passage of motor vehicles.

Once we have surpassed the initial level difference, we reach a horizontal road and we can enjoy a mountain route without noticeable level differences up to the Cave: Cova del Gamell.

ATTRACTIONS: This Sanctuary, Ermita del Pare Pere, built next to a stone shed, is where this Franciscan Friar carried out his contemplative life, inspired by the nature which surrounds this spot. The mountain plant life now occupies the terraces where vineyards, fig trees, almond trees and carob trees were formerly cultivated by the former inhabitants of the farming community called Colonia Agrícola del Montgó. 

In the Spring, flowers blanket the landscape, beautiful evidence of the Montgó’s biodiversity with over 650 plant species.    

Magnificent mountain views of Dénia and the Castle, the mountain range: "Sierra Segaria" and the Gulf of Valencia coastline. On clear days, it is possible to discern the mountains of Ibiza and even Mallorca on the distant sea horizon.