The soundtrack of the Red Prawn back

What does the Denia Red Prawn sound like?This is the story of Javier, Josep and his project, told by Mauri, Esteban, Quique and Jesús and interpreted by the Agrupació Artística Municipal de Dénia

It is the story of how our prawn comes to the plate from the depths of the sea. It is also a bit the history of Denia and our love for gastronomy.
It’s a story that sounds great. And it tastes even better.



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Video Movement "Fishing"

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Javier is the guiding thread of the story and its fundamental actor. This composer and musician from Dénia with an important career behind him (and that just turned 30) has spent several months to document all the processes that take the prawn from the sea to the table. And he is the author, together with his friend and president of the Music Band, Josep Pastor, of this work in three movements that you have just heard and that will travel the world carrying the name and the sound of Denia very far away.


Mediterranium is Mauri’s boat. And Mauri is the patron whom is accompanied every night by Esteban, José Vicente and Abdul in search of Denia’s red prawn. They are the representatives of the most important and difficult part of this story: that of the fishermen, to them and to all the people who are dedicated to the sea is dedicated the first movement of the work, "The Fishing".


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Video Movement "the cooking"

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If the red prawn is the best ambassador of Dénia, Quique Dacosta is the best ambassador of the red prawn of Dénia. He, three Michelin stars is passionate about prawn and did not hesitate to join this project. He received Javier on the beach and invited him to discover how to turn the gift of the sea into a gift for the senses. From his master class was born the second movement, "The cooking".


Jesus is a pleasure seeker. Someone who can turn the pleasure of tasting a prawn into words. He is a different food critic and a lover of Dénia. With him we share table, emotions and conversation. And from this talk to three with Quique and Javier was born the third movement, "The taste", composed in company (if it is enjoyed in company, in this way should be composed also) with Josep Pastor, president of the Dénia Music Band.


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Video Movement "The taste"

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With you, a century of musical tradition in the city and one of the main representatives of Denia around the world. Formed by 90 musicians, the band has been commissioned to perform the work created and directed by Javier Pinto and Josep Pastor. Gone are nights of rehearsals and laps to start to get transmit something that goes far beyond the palate. We hope you like it.

Dénia, Creative City of Gastronomy

In December 2015, UNESCO distinguished Dénia as a member of the global network of creative cities in gastronomy. One of the key points to get this award was the care dedicated to the process of preparing the dishes. A process that begins in the sea and the countryside, which passes through the kitchen and ends in the dish, ready to savor.

We wanted to unite several artistic disciplines: the art of fishing, cooking and, of course, music.