Moors and Christians back

Festival in honour of Saint Roc

August, 13-16

The Festival of Moors and Christians of Dénia, has been declared a "Fiesta de Interés Turístico Autonómico de la Comunitat Valenciana" (Festival of Regional Tourist Interest of the Valencian Community).

This distinctive is granted to the festivals that offer a special turistic relevance and represent an appreciation of the culture and popular traditions of the Valencia Region.

"Mig Any de Moros i Cristians" festival

from 12 to 26 February 2022.

Celebration of the half year of the feast of Moors and Christians, whose main feast takes place in the month of August.

- 12th February: It begins the children’s drawing competition, whose exhibition will be at the Municipal Market. The prizes of this contest will be awarded on the 19th.

- 25th February: from 21.30 with the "Nit de Filaes" under the tent of Torrecremada.

- 26th February: at 12:00 hours with the official "entraeta" that from the street La Via will ascend by Diana and will evolve by Marqués de Campos to the Red Cross.

The same day at 19.00 with the same itinerary the informal "entraeta".

More info

The streets of Dénia are crowded with moors and christians in mid-august. Embassies, street bands, and the lifting of the flag, etc.

The programme mainly consists in the disembarkation and the Gala Parade where Moors and Christians wear their luxurious costumes while the music is playing.

In addition to it, the festival honours Sant Roc, Patron Saint of Dénia. Traditionally the fiestas  include a mass service, the distribution of blessed bread, a dinner of brotherhood and a procession. The honors are organized by the Cofradía de Sant Roc.

Most important events

13th August: Disembarkation of moors, truce signature.

14th August: Children's Gala Parade.

15th August, day of the Fiesta: Gala Parade. 

16th August: Parlaments, Battle of the Arquebusiers, the miracle of the fog, Surrending and Retreat. Fireworks.


Christian bands (Bando cristiano): Hospitalaris, Almogavers, Cavallers, Creuats, Deniers, Marins Corsaris, Mozarabes and Templaris.

Moors Bands Abencerrajes, Alkamar, Almoravides, Amazihg, Amiries, Berebers-Tuaregs, Piratas Berberiscas, Saqaliba and Walies.