Greenway - Olivera del Diluvi (olive tree) - Torrecarrals volver

LENGTH: 6.7 km. Circular route.

INCLINE: flat, except for a minor ascent between the Pont de Fusta gully and Torrecarrals. 35 m of incline, followed by a light descent.

DURATION: On foot: 1 h 50 min. Bicycle: 40 min.

Variant that runs through the agricultural landscape surrounding the Alberca River and the Moya pine forest. The route runs through rural roads, most of which are asphalted, in addition to a stretch of the rail trail. The light ascent to Torrecarrals allows for enjoying the magnificent views.

ATTRACTIONS: Agricultural landscape, Diluvi Olive Tree, Torrecarrals, monumental hackberry and Moya pine forest, an authentic Aleppo pine forest amongst orange trees, delimited by the Pont de Fusta gully.

The route's starting point at Camí del Palmar presents a picture-perfect postcard, followed, in this order, by the Alberca River course, orange groves, Moya pine forest, and the Montgó in the background.

Once we pass the Pont de Fusta gully, we ascend until finding the Diluvi Olive Tree, then continue until approaching Torrecarrals. At this point we enjoy views of Ondara, Vall de Laguar, El Verger, Segaria mountain, and the coastline with the Mondúver and Cullera mountains in the distance. We go around Torrecarrals along a dirt road on the left, where we will find the monumental hackberry. Here begins a light descent amongst pine trees and orange groves, continuing along Assagador del Palmar until connecting with the rail trail.