Dénia on an autumn or winter day volver

Any season of the year is perfect for visiting Dénia! the fantastic Mediterranean climate and the truce of tourism outside the high season months, allow you to discover it and enjoy it calmly

We offer various options to your choice to live a unique day full of experiences

Shall we start?

Dénia in the morning


We suggest you start your visit to Dénia in the morning and from above. The CASTLE is in the heart of the city and on a small hill, a symbolic building that houses a legacy with many years of history.

At the top of the enclosure, the ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM stands, with 4 rooms showing the Iberian, Roman, Muslim and Christian periods. In addition, the fortress provides some of the best views in Dénia from any of its many viewpoints. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy them.

The gate to the Castle is located on San Francisco Street, we suggest that go in search of the Town Hall square, in it you will find signs and steps. The climb must be done on foot.

Opening hours of the Castle: open daily, check its schedule HERE

Opening hours of the Archaeological Museum: open daily, check its schedule HERE


The surroundings of the castle invite you to take a relaxed stroll through the popular medieval streets of the BARRIO LES ROQUES. Surround the walls and be amazed by the pedestrian tunnel that crosses the castle below, a bomb shelter during the Spanish Civil War. You can continue wandering through the HISTORICAL CENTER, where you can contemplate impressive buildings from the 19th century and if you continue along the lively main street MARQUÉS DE CAMPO, it will direct you towards the port.

You will notice that the city center is a set of mostly pedestrian streets, where you can spend your time browsing inshops and taking a break on any terrace is inevitable.

Another proposal is to stop at Magallanes street, where a visit to the MUNICIPAL MARKET is essential to learn about the typical products of our territory.

Municipal Market hours: Monday to Saturday from 8:00-15:00 h.


If you want to know more about the historical and cultural heritage of the city, we suggest you to complete your tour by visiting the rest of museums:

The ETHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM, home of the bourgeoisie of the nineteenth century, enriched by the trade of raisin. Inside there is an interesting sample that includes clothing, work instruments and utensils of that time.

Opening hours of the Ethnological Museum: check its schedule HERE

The TOY MUSEUM is a mandatory stop when your companions are children. Located inside the old railway station, it exhibits a sample of Dénia´s toy production, from its very beginnings (1904) to the 60s. Pieces that recall other times and surprise those who observe them.

Opening hours of the Toy Museum: open every day, check its schedule HERE

The MUSEUM OF THE SEA is located in the old fish market next to the port, it showcases the maritime heritage of the city and its people, presenting countless archaeological pieces, ethnological objects and photographs.

Opening hours of the Museum of the Sea: open every day, check its schedule HERE 


From many points of the city you will catch the MONTGÓ NATURAL PARK, a 753 meter-high mountain that spans much of the southern half of the municipality. Hiking in this area is an exceptional experience The park broasts a rich botanical diversity, with numerous trails suitable for all ages. Although if you want to enjoy it in all its magnificence, For the best experience, we recommend visiting during the latter months of winter and spring to fully appreciate its magnificence.

If you wish to learn more about the park, we recommend visiting its Interpretation Centre. Inside, you will find an accessible exhibition providing information about the ecosystems of Montgó and the Nature Reserve of San Antonio Cape, along with detail about main routes and traditional uses.

It also offers activities for visitors throughout the year in Spanish language, check them HERE

If you prefer to go at your own pace consult the information about trails HERE

Nestled at the foot of the cliffs of San Antonio Cape and situated within the confines of the Natural Park, lies the COVA TALLADA, a enchanting cave crafted through the quarrying of course stone. A practice emblematic of regional architectural tradition since the siteenth century.The walking path is deemed unsitable for children or those unacquainted with russed montanious terrain. Furthermore an alternative option is available for kayaking enthusiasts.

From June 15th of June to September 30th, access to the cave is restricted to a limited number of visitors, both on foot and by kayak. Therefore a reservation must be made through the park's website. www.parquesnaturales.gva.es

If  accompanied by  children an excellent option is to traverse the GREENWAY, a flat 6.5 km originating from Dénia to El Vergel. This path follows the historical trajectory of the former railway line connecting Dénia and Gandia, meandering through picturesque agricultural landscapes and verdant orange orchards, rendering it , ideal for either a leisurely bicycle excursion or a delightful promenade. Particularly during the blossoming season, a visit to the route proves to be a sensory delight, as the fragrant aromas and scenic vistas captivate the senses.

Read more about the route HERE

Check the bike rental companies located in Dénia HERE


The intrinsic allue of Dénia's natural environment, characterized by the picturesque presence of the Mediterranean Sea, the captivating coastal expance, the pristine Montgó Naural Park, and the verdant agricultural vistas enveloping the urban periphery. These distinctive features collectively afford ample opportunities for engaging in active tourism pursuits and leisurely activities.

Numerous companies offer the possibility of doing activities such as cycling routes, hiking, interpretive activities in nature, segway routes. In addition, out of the summer you can also do nautical activities such as diving, windsurfing, kayaking or mini cruises along the coast among others.

Check the offer of active tourism HERE


As lunchtime approaches, GASTRONOMY is one of the strengths of Dénia, which was declared a Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO in 2015. It is worth trying some of its typical dishes, such as rice “arròs a banda”, dry octopus, red prawns or the “coques de la Marina”. There is a wide and varied range of bars and restaurants that will leave you a good taste, discover it.

If you don’t know where to eat, we suggest visiting one of the areas with the largest number of establishments:

The cozy neighborhood BAIX LA MAR, emerged during the sixteenth century between the walls of the castle and the port, its buildings, squares and alleys of sailor and fishing spirit will surprise you. In the Pont street you can also visit ELS MAGAZINOS, an interesting cultural and food space with a lot of charm.

The marinas MARINA EL PORTET and MARINA DE DÉNIA, located in the north and south breakwaters of the port respectively, where you can eat with views to the sea and the emblematic silhouette of the city. Both ports are home to important vessels and have numerous companies related to the nautical world.

The LORETO STREET, next to the Town Hall Square is a fantastic place to eat tapas and other traditional dishes a step away from the main historical buildings.
Also along the coast you will find countless restaurants with a lot of gastronomic interest, where you can taste traditional or creative cuisine.

See where to eat HERE

Dénia in the afernoon and night


The city port divides the coastline into several areas:

To the north extends the beach of LES MARINES, the most extensive and mostly sandy, where you can walk along the shore feeling the warm sunlight, a pleasure during the coldest months.

To the south is the coast of LES ROTES, a landscape formed by small rocky coves, its waters included in the RESERVE MARINE SAN OF ANTONIO CAPE are a perfect place for diving, you just need a good wetsuit.

Take a stroll through the rocky coast, that you can explore on foot or by bicycle, a pleasant PROMENADE borders the spot (5 km approx.) that starts at Marineta Cassiana Beach.
And if you want to feel like a sentinel, you can also make a small excursion on foot and climb up to the TORRE DEL GERRO, watchtower of the sixteenth century, on top of a small mountain located at the end of the road that runs through the area.

Read more about the route HERE


As a good fishing town, it´s worth visiting the FISH MARKET. From 16:00 h you can see how the small boats download fresh fish. You can also buy produce recently arrived in the area of public sale.

Opening hours of the retail area: Monday to Friday from 17:30 to 20:00 h approx. outside the summer season.


Late nights and nightlife, we suggest not to miss the leisure venues:

LA MAR STREET, in it is located the old warehouse of Morand, it is a building today converted into pubs of different styles and all with patio or interior terrace. Many of them offer live music on the weekends.

Consult us on the nightlife offer, we will propose the most interesting options for you.


Attend music, theatre or dance festivals, visit art exhibitions. Dénia has a varied schedule of activities and events that can coincide with your visit, check the AGENDA

If you want to obtain additional information we provide in this section, we suggest that you start your day by visiting either of our Tourist Info.

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You also can download information material HERE

Definitely, a day is short to know all the charms and attractives of Dénia, maybe it is necessary that you come back...

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