Fish market

Opening hours:

Fish market from Monday to Friday, the schedule depends on the season of the year. In summer from 17:30h to 21:30h, spring and autumn from 17:30h to 21:00h, winter from 17:30h to 20:00h.

Arrival of fishing boats in port from 16:00h.

Mechanical fish auction for professionals from 17:00h.  The private individual’s access as an observer of it is agreed by the Fishermen’s Guild, phone. 96 578 00 06.

Open all year except during the period established as biological stop for fishing, consult with the Fishermen’s Guild for restrictions. 

(2023: Biological rest from 16th. January to 12th. February.)


The fish market located on the ground floor, offers to the visitors the daily catches (great variety of sea products: rock fish, red shrimp of Denia, lobsters, hedgehogs, octopus, anchovy, squid, etc.)

Puerto pesquero (03700 Dénia)

Tel.: +34 96 578 00 06