Gerro Tower

Defensive watchtower (16th c.).

A renaissance watchtower, which was part of the coastal defensive system developed during the 16th and 17th centuries to defend the coast from the attacks of Barbaresque pirates.

Although there are documents proving the existence of three towers in the natural park’s limits, the  Gerro tower, a Renaissance fort (16th c.) is the only still remaining. It is one of the coast’s most outstanding towers. It has a circular shape, shaped like a truncated cone divided in 2 parts featuring a King Charles V coat-of-arms, supported by three cantilevers.

The tower owes its name to its strange shape as a “pitcher or gerro” (a valencian language word for jar or pitcher).


How to get there: from the last regular bus tine in les Rotes Road (next to Restaurant Mena) we follow the road towards the east some 50 metres up to Via Làctia Street. Going up this street there is a fence that forbids vehicles from passing to the access way to the path leading to.


Ctra. de Les Rotes