Mig Any volver

Each year, at the end of February, at the halfway point between past and future of Jubilees, just six months before the main festival, the Moors and Christians meet to celebrate the  ecuador or Mig Any that in Valencian means 'half a year'. They remember that only have passed six months since the last celebration and that still another six months remain until the next one in August.

Although it has no specific historical or cultural roots, this celebration arises from the passion for La Festa and the feeling that the period between the events is long for the members of Les Filaes. An excuse to show off the festive costumes, show the identifying colors of each group and enjoy an informal parade to the rhythm of the música festera.

It is in the Mig Any when the important persons of les filaes Mores i Cristianes , as the captain, the standard bearers and the ambassadors or Primer Tró,  are officially presented during a dinner of brotherhood.

The Mig Any is therefore not only an opportunity for fun, but the meeting is used to hold a cultural day in which the history and evolution of La Festa is shared.

The Mig Any is the representation of the emotional bond between the Festers and their passion for the commemorations of Moors and Christians.