Greenway - La Safor volver

Route connecting the Dénia rail trail with the La Safor rail trail

(El Verger-Marsh Nature Park-Oliva)

The Dénia Rail Trail ends 1km from the town centre of El Verger. We reach the old station by following the asphalt path along the old rail line. A pleasant walk from this town, passing through the Pego-Oliva Marsh Nature Park, offers the possibility for arriving to Oliva and connecting with the other recovered section of the old Dénia-Carcaixent rail line (Dénia Rail Trail and La Safor Rail Trail of 7km). The journey is completely flat along a cycle path and rural roads in the Marsh with little traffic.

From the old train station we pass through the town centre of El Verger to Avda. de Valencia, to connect with the cycle path toward Pego, which runs parallel to this town's main road. After passing an overpass over the highway and later a petrol station, we find ourselves on a long straight road from which we see the Pego town centre.

At a given point at the beginning of the straight road, we abandon the cycle path at the height of an indicator on the right-hand side, cross the road, and access a dirt path next to a house to pass through the Pego-Oliva Marsh Nature Park. At first, we must continue parallel to a channel during 400 metres to cross a bridge to the opposite side. The pleasant excursion through the Marsh ends when we cross the footbridge over the Bullent River floodgates, to arrive at Font Salada 400 metres ahead, a natural pool of thermal waters renowned for its beneficial health properties. 

The route continues along rural roads until reaching the town centre of Oliva, which we traverse from the south northward. Halfway through the town, we connect with the cycle path, which leads us directly to the starting point of the La Safor Rail Trail toward Gandía.