benefits of cycling

Regarding the health benefits of this activity, we highlight some of the main ones such as:

- Improving blood circulation

- Strengthing the heart

- Improving muscle tone

- Reducing cholesterol and fat levels

- Strengthing the immune system

- Increasing oxygenation of the brain 

- Increasing lung capacity and reduces stress levels, etc.

why cycling in Dénia and its region

We are in a privileged area for cycling, our Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures in winter and around 300 days of sunshine per year allow us to ride throughout the year. We also have a road network in perfect condition and with little traffic most of the year. All this makes Dénia an optimal destination to enjoy this exciting sport.

On this website you will see all levels routes :

1) Low difficulty routes. Through environments such as Dénia’s Vía Verde (Green Way: between orange and almond trees), Las Rotas area (next to the rocky coves and the Marine Reserve) and the Torre del Gerro (watchtower with spectacular views), Mount Montgó ( Natural Park with beautiful views), etc.

2) Routes for Road Cyclists: A total of 16 routes, with different difficulties  through the Marina Alta region (valleys, mountains, towns, ...) and other nearby areas. The shortest route is 38.84 km and the longest is 161.39 km. All of them have Dénia as departing/arriving point, visiting areas such as Vall de Gallinera, Vall de Laguar, Coll de Rates, Vall del Pop, Plà de Petracos, Puerto de Bérnia, Beniarrés swamp, Tudons port, etc.

what should I know about the area

(road cycling)

1. The province of Alicante is one of the most mountainous in Spain, so most of the routes are a continuous up and down. The only flat areas are the coast towards Valencia and a large inland plain made up of several towns with their orange groves known as the "Retoría".

2. All our routes are circular starting from the town of Dénia, where we are at sea level. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that, as a general rule, the first section of each lap will be fairly steep and then back down again on the lap.

3. Like many places on the coast, at certain period of the year such as summer or Easter there is a notable increase in population. So in these periods we recommend avoiding routes that mainly run along the coast (routes 6 and 12).

4. As mentioned above, you can ride all year round in this area. But it should be known that summer months (July and August) are quite hot, so if you are not used to these hot and humid conditions it is advisable to avoid riding in the middle of the day.

The routes have been classified into four levels of difficulty taking into account the distance and unevenness of the route.