why Dénia?

Dénia is a destination surrounded by natural spaces such as the Mediterranean Sea and the Montgó Natural Park that oxygenate and act as lungs of the city. If we add to this that it is a small city, dedicated mainly to tourism and activities related to the sea such as fishing, we find ourselves before an area where nature is breathed and lives mainly in the open air.

The Montgó mountain was declared a Natural Park in 1987, and extends to form the San Antonio cape and its cliffs. It offers routes of different difficulties and stunning views as it is located by the sea. Apart from the Montgó, you will find trails such as the Greenway -which runs between orange and almond trees- or the path of Les Rotes next to the rocky coves (whose waters are declared Marine Reserve) and beautiful countryside roads that hide our smaller local entities JESÚS POBRE and LA XARA.

As you can see, in Dénia you can enjoy outdoor sports surrounded by all kinds of natural spots. We invite you to know our natural spaces.

benefits of hiking

Hiking is a sport that provides both physical and psychological benefits as we exercise our body outdoors and near natural places that calm our mind.


  • Improvement of cardiovascular health: heart, lungs and reduces tension; and therefore minimizes the risks associated with vascular diseases and diabetes.

  • Reduces bad cholesterol.

  • Increases the overall strength and muscle toning of the lower train.

  • Increase in bone density.

  • Weight control: Hiking burns about 400 calories per hour on an average weight person.


  • Increases optimism and reduces the possibility of depression.

  • Improves the quality of sleep.

  • Improve your self-esteem.

  • Makes you more creative by limiting our access to technology.

  • Boost your concentration.

  • Recharge your mental energy and improve our memory.

  • It helps to cure serious diseases: hiking for a long period of time can improve the antioxidant capacity, which helps fight diseases such as cancer.

how to start hiking

If you are ready to receive the benefits of hiking, the following tips will help you get started and keep up the habit.

1st Start little by little. It is recommended that you start with a few kilometers and go up little by little as you gain resistance.

2nd It is recommended that you wear comfortable footwear and suitable for hiking, since in some routes the terrain is stony. Also include plenty of water in your backpack, small snacks, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and at least a small emergency kit.

3rd Go accompanied or tell someone that you are going out. You will do well to go hiking with someone who knows the place. If you prefer to do it alone, tell someone that you are going out and take your phone with the battery charged and this way you´ll prevent possible accidents.

4th If you are not sure of the route to choose or want to disconnect and enjoy hiking with a group of friends or family, accompanied by an experienced guide, we recommend that you go to professional companies which will show you the most beautiful corners of Denia and its region.