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How to shoot in public spaces and roads that requiring occupation

In order to shoot in public spaces where the traffic of vehicles and the passage of people will be hindered, it´s necessary to apply for a filming permit. This must be processed through the CITY COUNCIL ONLINE SERVICE PORTAL. To complete the formalities it´s necessary to have a digital signature.

To do so, complete a form and provide the required documentation and information. The request must be addressed to the DEPARTAMENTO DE GOBERNACIÓN: ÁREA DE SEGURIDAD TRÁNSITO Y TRANSPORTES (The Department of Governance: Security, Transit and Transportation Area), which will review the application and issue the permit.

The deadline for resolution is 3 months.

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Contact details

Departamento de Gobernación del Ayuntamiento de Dénia

Phone +34 965 780 100

Phone extensions 1302 and 1303


When it’s not necessary to ask for a filming permit?

It´s not necessary to request a filming permit if it doesn´t obstruct the transit of vehicles and / or pedestrians through public spaces, the filming is done with a handheld camera and the film team is reduced.

However, it´s convenient to inform DÉNIA FILM OFFICE of the dates and places of the recording, and provide a copy of the civil liability insurance, in order to inform the Local Police and avoid possible problems during the recording.

Contact details

Dénia Film Office

Eva Asperilla

Phone +34 966 42 23 67


Filming at the Castle

It´s a public space, so to shoot in it, you must follow the application procedures outlined above, depending on the type of occupation of the space and the complexity of the shooting.

Filming in the port of Denia

To shoot in the port area that is in the public domain, you must request permission from the PORT AUTHORITY OF THE CITY.

For simple filming with a handheld camera, whose film team is reduced, it´s only required to inform the Port Authority.

For more complex filming that requires the assembly of a filming set, with a larger team of people, it´s necessary to make a request and direct it to the SERVICIO DE EXPLOTACIÓN DE PUERTOS, DIRECCIÓN GENERAL DE PUERTOS, AEROPUERTOS Y COSTAS (The Ports Explotation Service, General Direction of Ports, Airports and Coasts). To complete the formalities it is necessary to have a digital signature.

The resolution period is at least 1 week.

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Contact details

Autoridad Portuaria

Phone + 34 966 428 240

Mobile phone +34  619 042 151


Filming in the marinas

In order to shoot in the marinas, a permit must be requested in advance from the Port Authority, as explained above, and in addition the corresponding permit must be requested from the management of the different marinas.

Filming on the beaches

To shoot on the beaches of the city it´s necessary to apply for the permit to the SERVICIO PROVINCIAL DE COSTAS DE ALICANTE (The Provincial Service of Alicante Coast).

Contact details

Servicio Provincial de Costas de Alicante

Phone +34 965 213 270


Filming in the Montgó Natural Park

To shoot in the park it´s necessary to request a permit from the MANAGEMENT OFFICE OF THE PARK.

Contact details

Centro de Interpretación del Parque Natural del Montgó 

Phone +34 966 467 155

Mobile phone +34 679 196 461