Ethnology Museum

Data of interest:

The Museum is housed in a typical 19th century bourgeois house. It represents the evolution of Dénia throughout the 19th century and how it was linked to the dry raisin trade. 

The museum has an interesting collection of the age’s clothing and bourgeoisie luxury items which include the period’s clothing and work tools. Likewise, we can observe clear examples of the urban, commercial and social progress.

The building has three floors:

Ground Floor: Building entrance, old photography exhibition room (where the raisin manufacturing process can be observed)

First Floor, where the main rooms are located. Note the Manises ceramic tile flooring from the early 19th Century created by the Painter, Francisco Dassi (1834-1886), as well as the fascinating collection of elegant clothing and luxury jewels.

Second Floor: The work tools and clothing are exhibited here. There are also wine presses from that period as well as an exhibition of the maritime commerce with different countries.

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C/ Cavallers, 1

Tel.: 96 642 02 60