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Estás en playas

Small, secluded rocky cove. It surprises the beauty of the color shades that take their waters. Snorkeling is recommended.

Location: It is located at the end of the area known as Arenetes, in the rocky coves of Les Rotes.

Acces: By the road “Carretera del Barranc del Monyo a Les Arenetes” ( commonly know as the “Carretera Les Rotes”). That road ends in a viewpoint from where you can walk along a path, and just only a few meters away you will find a hidden cove. Some steps lead down to the cove.

Important natural values:

  1. Natural Reserve of the Cape of San Antonio seabed.
  2. Posidonia meadows.

Usual use: naturist beach.

If you wish to practice diving in this rocky cove, you must apply for a prior permission at the Dirección Territorial de Agricultura, Pesca, Alimentación y Agua de Alicante (Tel. 012/ 963 866 000).


Playa naturista

Playa naturista

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